my name is max giorgetti, i'm born in north italy and i'm based around there for my life and my design activity.

my work it's inspired from people and theyr customs, looking them to understand how and where suggest news. in other words, i try to achieve the necessary energy to be interpret of new trends and ways to live, to arrive at the people with the ideas they need.

after almost 20 years of collaborations my mission is the same of the beginning, help companies to grow in the eyewear competition, to reach the success with the necessary enthusiasm and realistic expectations.

rayban | design by max giorgetti


colibrì by max giorgetti

worldwide eyewear companies require to reach specific customers with their products. to help them, i suggest a method where an idea is the center and all is done in the best way to bring the concept to life.

brand definition an identity-process that can grow in differents aspect and forms. as experienced designer, in my background i followed a number of different approach finalized to the build of new branded startups or improve existing. as a company or single collection, i can suggest and help you claim your right space in the market.

inspired collection fashion trends developed for your brand and for your audience, with details that make the difference. tailored to your brand identity, we can suggest a number of styles with details and accessories, not last the packaging. a new collection is born, like a single product in different shapes, different voices in the same choir.

graphic design logo and any other graphic customizations are an opportunity to tell a full detailed story regarding brand, collection and philosophy. a new project must be a clear new page to tell to the people, specially thinking at the optical market. i can suggest you how and where it is possible to work on that, from my point of view.

the prototype handmade or digital, a prototype is the fundamental step in to the design process. tailored to your face, the first prototype can talk you about any part of the frame, suggesting to modify the angle, as well the dimensions and the style of any detail. ii suggest acetate prototypes for plastic and i can realize prototypes in metal, wood and other, with pro quality finishing in 1:1.

ready for tooling our cad files are ready to run over production machines, for acetate, metal or other innovative materials. in this way we can assure full control over any process. tooling cost are reduced at the lower end, saving precious time needed to production.

the production your collection is ready for the final stage, with the finest materials and logistic. i can take you by hand to the final production for any kind of product and materials, such as: acetate, metal, injection tr90, wood and others. i can suggest the most advanced producers based in italy, china and taiwan.

feedback the likes of a model or a collection can be useful to think at the next, with a clear plan for the production process of the upcoming collections. to fully understand the like of your customers, and translate a detailed market feedback in to the best help to present the next ideas.

versace design by max giorgetti clic design by max giorgetti raiban rb3183 by max giorgetti


max giorgetti - a background of successes, with the best producers

time ago, after the art school and the marangoni fashion institute in milano, i started a career as independent fashion designer. soon, thanks to favorable circumstances, i realized as the glasses was the intriguing side of fashion and design where i was more interested. starting from local producers i switched than to design for more known companies. later, i reached my best successes.

like a pioneer in the art of computer graphic, i started my career with the help of the apple computer, fundamental for my design work, in a time where the traditional way to represent an idea was the only option. in addition, i had the luck to build a friendly and professional experienced team of industry experts, claudio and angelo, who follow me from the beginning of my activity.

today I see my drawings on the faces of many people around the world, often on TV and in cinema. for a designer this is the greatest satisfaction, beyond any compensation and reward.

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